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Q. Will you travel outside central London for an outcall?    
A. Yes I will. If you are outside Zone 2, please contact me for a quote.

Q. What kind of clients do you like to see?    
A. I prefer to see clients 35+, who are professional, articulate, experienced, respectful, generous, friendly and polite. I have no upper age limit. Obviously I wont see clients under 18! I'm happy to see clients new to escorting.


Q. Can I smoke during the booking? Will you smoke- I have a fetish for it?    
A.yes,if You want and booking at least 2 hour session.

Q. Can we drink/get high in the booking?

A.yes,if its (booking) at least for 2 hour session 


Q. Do you "clock watch"?    
A. I genuinely love escorting and I am not a clockwatcher. BUT I'm offering a service which is paid for according to time. Therefore, I need to keep within the time boundaries of the booking, so I may check the time occasionally. Please do not take offence at this!

Q. I'm new to escorting & really nervous, will you put me at ease?    
A. Doing something for the first time or meeting someone new is always nervewracking. But you are in good hands. I pride myself on being exceptionally friendly, chatty and welcoming. I aim to put everyone who comes to see me at ease from the moment they walk into my flat. I think having a friendly chat and a relaxing massage helps to break the ice.

Q. Will YOU  do a threesome booking?    
A. Yes, I love threesomes/moresomes. I only do threesome or group sessions as outcalls in hotels or another escort's incall location. I only do MFF threesomes & I will only do group bookings where other females are present & I must speak to the other girl/s prior to the booking. I cannot undertake the responsbility of arranging other escorts for these bookings.

Q. Why are some services "at discretion"?    
A. Simply- I don't feel comfortable offering all services to all clients. I really do enjoy escorting and will not take part in things I don't genuinely enjoy. I'm not into faking it- hopefully that is nicer for you to know that I'm geniunely into what we're doing!

Q. Can I take pictures or videos??
A.sorry,but no,no and no..........    

Q. Can I bring you a gift?    
A. Gifts are always welcome, never expected! Like any girl, I love to receive presents! I'm a size 10, 36C, shoe size 5. Please don't bring flowers- they aren't very discreet!

Q. Will you come and see me at my home/car/in the park for an outcall?    
A. No- I generally only do outcalls to hotels or Office. I prefer to meet a larger, chain hotels to assure discretion. If we have met before I may consider meeting you at your home.

Q. What happens if I'm late for a booking?    
A. Please let me know ASAP if you are running late. Generally if you are more than 15 minutes late, I will not be able to extend your appointment slot- therefore your appointment may be cut short. However given sufficient notice, I can sometimes accommodate a rescheduled appointment.

Q. Can I shower at your place?    
A. Hygiene is of upmost importance to me and I ask all clients to shower at my place before we start having fun for my own piece of mind. I offer a clean towel and toiletries.

Q. What about sexual health?    
A. My sexual health is extremely important to me and I aim to provide the safetst experience possible. I have regular checkups and I have a clean bill of sexual health. I practice safer sex and do not offer risky activities like barebacking, swallowing or anal.

Q. When should I pay you?    
A. Please pay me at the start of the session. I prefer not to have to ask!

Q. How much notice do you need to see me?    
A. I can sometimes offer short notice appointments but as a general rule, please try to give at least one hour's notice, more for an outcall to allow for traveling time.

Q. Why can't I get through to you on your phone?    
A. I have a full time day job and a busy social life- I can't always answer calls unfortunately. Please rest assured that I will call you back as soon as I am able!

Q. What will you wear when we meet?    
A. I always wear sexy lingerie, hold ups & high heels in all my bookings. If you would like to bring me something to wear, please feel free. I'm a size 10, 36c, size 5 shoe. Please be rest assured I will be dressed discreetly if I join you at your hotel.

Q. Is your flat private/discreet?    
A. I'm an independent escort, I do not work from a parlour or working flat (brothel).  It is reasonably discreet. I do have neighbours- obviously my discretion is as important as yours so please respect this!

Q. Do you enjoy escorting? How long have you been doing it?    
A. I absolutely love it! .

Q. Do you do unprotected sex?    
A. NO. I use condoms, always. This is for your safety as much as mine. I do not offer unprotected sex under any circumstances. I value my health and yours too. I find much to do this.. I am much more turned on when I know we are both safe!

Q. Do you offer total discretion?
A. Yes, I will never contact you other than at a time you request and (unlike some other girls!) I will never send you unsolicited texts or calls if I'm having a 'quiet day' and want to drum up some business!!

Q.Are your rates "All Inclusive"?
. A.My rates are for my time only. Any expenses incurred during our time together are to be covered by the client. Tipping or gift giving is entirely at the discretion of the client

Q. Can I discuss my requirements in detail with you on the 'phone?
A. No, I don't offer a free 'phone-wank service! All the details you need to know are clearly set-out here in my profile and I won't discuss details of any 'activities' we may get up to, on the 'phone.

Q.Do you accept credit cards or cheques?
A.I don’t accept payment by credit card at present but keep checking this sit

 Q. Do you accept (part) payment by Euros or credit/debit card? Euros or credit/debit card?
A. No, I accept payment by £,$,EURO cash only (upon arrival)----no exceptions!

Q.What should I do if you don't respond to my e mail?
A.Please don't worry, I won't ignore you. I do respond to all my mails personally but in some places I can't access to the internet.

Q.Are there any special discounts?
A.Usually my rates are non-negotiable. However, there are some discounts if we spend time together longer than one day.

Q. Would you go out with me for a drink?    
A. Yes of course, but I charge the same rates. I am only able to come and see you once you have booked me for my time, then we can enjoy our time together the way you desire.


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